For fun, romantic, sentimental brides 

They say that life is measured in moments, and I believe that your most treasured moments should be remembered forever through timeless wedding photography. 

Fresno Wedding Photographer

Probably the most detail oriented photographer I have ever met. She is the perfect combination of energy for brides that need encouragement and security for their big day! 

Mariah & Dylan




Hey There!

I'm so thrilled you found me! If you've been scrolling through all the websites looking for the best wedding or portrait photographer to meet your needs, you're probably feeling overwhelmed, am I right?

You need someone who makes you feel valued and cared for, who makes you feel at ease, and who understands that your wedding day is about celebrating your new marriage with all your favorite people...and you want to remember it forever. 

You want natural, genuine photos that don't just show what the day looked like, but also how it felt. That’s what I live for! When you work with me, you aren’t just getting a wedding photographer, you are getting a trusted friend who is an expert at herding cats, plays nice with others, and will ensure you have a bomb-ass day. I'll help you through every part of the wedding experience, from "what the heck are we supposed to wear for engagement photos?" to how to avoid catching on fire when drunk guests are holding sparklers at the end of the night.

Click the "About Me" link to learn more about who I am and what it's like to work with me. Spoiler alert...If you love adventure, good wine, and dogs, we're going to get along great!