I'm not just a photographer. I am a mid-life wife to Todd and mom to Lauren and Tyler. I am a California-beach lovin', wine tastin', go-with-the-flow, free spirit. I lead a 12-step recovery group and believe self-care is essential. 

When I am not capturing people's stories, you can find me watching DIY shows trying not to spill my glass of cab, while my dogs, Bugsy and Clyde (both pit bull mixes), chase each other on the couch and jump on top of me. I am a SUCKER for dogs. In a perfect world I would own a ton of land and rescue them all.

If you were to ask my best friends to describe me they would say I am a cross between Tigger and the Energizer Bunny, a ball of energy always on the go. I have a keen eye for detail (should have been a detective). I have a sarcastic sense of humor. I love adventure and experiencing new things. I am a creative, a dreamer, and I have a passion for loving and serving others!

Music is a core part of my life. I can't survive without it. My playlist is full of all types of music, even a little bit of rap (I see you Snoop Dogg). There is always music blaring when I'm editing or working on a new idea that popped into my head.

Making lists of dreams with my husband, and going on dates with my BFF, are my jam! My Pinterest boards are full of DIY projects I want to take on and my travel bucket list to Paris, Italy, Greece, and Spain; NOT the touristy sites. Nope! I want to go where the locals are and see the off-beat things. 

Check out my personal blog to learn even more about me!  

Meet Carianne!

"If you love fruit wine as much as I do, then you'll appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of a local vintner who brings the musk melon goodness to his oak chardonnay, and the dazzling peach crab-apple to his riesling roja. Come taste the difference good fruit can make in your wine. You'll remember the experience and you'll remember the name".

~Moira Rose

first look stalker

awkward dancer

veil fluffer

1. I met Todd on match.com in 2014.
2. We were married at our favorite local winery 10.9.16.

3. Todd builds model railroads and I love home DIY projects.

4. We always enjoy a good glass of Cab.

5. Our favorite getaway is to the Central Coast.

6. Our birthdays are 1 day apart. His is June 8th and mine is June 9th.

1. Lauren (22) and Tyler (17).
2. Lauren is in college majoring in music.
3. Tyler is a junior in high school.
4. Lauren and I love musicals. Our favorite is Wicked.

5. Tyler is like most teen boys...he loves his video games.

6. They are both compassionate kids with big hearts for others.

Meet My Husband!

Meet My Kids!

meet the Dogs

Clyde is a lab/pit mix we rescued from the SPCA. He is just around 2 years old. Bugsy was rescued off the street and we guess about 1 year old. When he was found he had gashes and wounds all over him. We thought he may have been used in a dog fight ring. Clyde is smart and easy to train. He loves long walks and eating all of his toys. literally, eating his toys. Bugsy is a lap magnet and just wants to snuggle all.day.long. He loves short walks and sleeping. I can't count the number of items they have destroyed in our house. To people that don't know them, they seem big and scary, but they are just balls of energy, and want all the loves and snuggles they can get! Kind of like me...

Chloe was a gift to me after losing my girl Daphne. She is a spunky little girl who keeps those big dogs in line. They don't mess with her! Chloe loves chasing the ducks in the canal behind our house. She will jump right into the canal and swim after them. She is daddy's girl and follows him everywhere he goes.  

The gangsters...Bugsy and Clyde.

The Princess...Chloe















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