We love stories. Every one has one. One of the things we love most as photographers is meeting people and hearing their story. The challenges. The triumphs. The joys and sorrows. The love and laughter shared between those they love and care for. We can’t get enough of it! Now it's our turn to share our story with you. We are Todd and Carianne. We are a second chance.

After our first marriages failed we both struggled with meeting new people. Our work schedules and family commitments didn't allow either one of us time to get out there. At around the same time, in our separate worlds, we both decided to give online dating a try, so we signed up for match.com. We didn't exactly fit the description we each indicated that we were looking for. If it weren't for an accidental "like" on a picture, we would have never met! We began emailing frequently and then decided to meet face to face. We were instantly comfortable with each other and our conversations ran long.
We have many things in common, one is we are both Geminis, our birthdays just one day apart. We aren't really into zodiac signs, but one day, out of curiosity, we looked up the character traits of a Gemini. It was a pretty spot on description of us. By definition, "Geminis are expressive and quick-witted. Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face. They are sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless. They are fascinated with the world itself, extremely curious, with a constant feeling that there is not enough time to experience everything they want to see and do. Gemini's changeable and open mind makes them excellent artists. This is a versatile, inquisitive, fun loving sign, born with a wish to experience everything there is out there, in the world. This makes their character inspiring, and never boring". Yep, that is pretty much us to a T!
After dating for about two years we got engaged at one of our favorite wineries, Opolo in Paso Robles. It was raining and Todd insisted on taking a picture of me. I walked toward the vineyards to get into position, grumbling about it raining, then turned around only to see Todd, holding a ring asking me to marry him. We were married a year later at another one of our favorite wineries, Moravia in Fresno. 
Stargazer wasn't started just because we love photography, it was started because we are that Gemini description. It was born out of our need to be social, creative, artistic and worldly. It was born because we love meeting new people and going on adventures. We don't just want to capture your life’s memories, we want to share them with you! We are looking for clients that want to have an EXPERIENCE. We want to work with people who don’t just want us to take pictures, they want to share their memories with us! We want your photography experience to become a lasting memory. Our mission is to blend our passion, our joy, and our talent with you, to create something unique and unforgettable.

Hello Friend!

* We are both teachers by day! Carianne teaches 5th grade and Todd teaches videography and broadcasting at a local high school.
* We met on Match.com and have been married since 10.9.16!!
* We have 4 kids between us, 2 girls and 2 boys, and 5 fur babies.
* We live in Clovis but Morro Bay is our home away from home.
* Carianne has had a camera in her hands since she was 12.
* Todd has worked in video production for over 25 years.
* Carianne is a DIYer taking on many home projects. Some of her projects include building a barn door from old fence material, painting and glazing their oak kitchen cabinets, faux painting the fireplace, updating the laundry room, and building a kitchen island.
* Todd is a model railroad builder. He is currently working on a logging model.
* We love wine tasting along the Central Coast. Some of our favorite wineries are Opolo, Halter Ranch, Grey Wolf, Pomar Junction, and Cass.
* We love to travel and meet new people. We have never met a stranger.
* We don’t take life too seriously and have a silly sense of humor. You are guaranteed to laugh when you work with us.
* We love creating beautiful images, but more importantly, we love serving and spoiling clients!

Now that you’ve gotten to know us a little bit, send us an email and tell us a little about yourself, and be sure to let us know how we can share your memories with you!

If you read this far...we could be best friends!