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Welcome to the SPV Blog! I'm Carianne, and my husband Todd and I are a wedding, portrait photo, and video team based in Clovis, California. Grab something to drink (if you're like me, a glass of red wine) and enjoy viewing our latest work, browsing resources, and getting a little peek into our life! 

Hello Friends

Matthew placed those same rings on Beth’s hand, and they are now starting their own journey through life together, raising their son, Nathan. May those rings bind them together in the same way that Joe and Karen have been bound together. After 24 years they are still friends. They still like to be together. They still laugh deep belly laughs. And they are still so madly in love.

On the day that we were to meet, Susy said she had found a little winery that really fit her and Scott’s personalities and style. We agreed to meet at Tank Garage and go from there. When we got to Tank it was this little old-fashioned garage from like the 50’s. It was super cute! It had a retro vibe inside and the wines were fantastic! Our tasting room server, Jaycee, was amazing. She made it so easy to get some great images inside the winery.

Todd and I love taking wine tasting trips but we always seem to return to what we know best, Paso Robles. We have our favorite wineries that are always a must, but we made a pact to always try one new place each time we visit.

Teneil was one of my students when she was in the 4th grade, and again in 5th grade when I changed grade levels the following year. We were very close back then and I am so blessed that we have kept close over the years.

My work is focused mostly on portrait photography but that isn’t all I enjoy photographing. I love to play around in landscape photography and taking artistic approaches to things I find in nature.

Like many people, Veronica and Edgar met through the internet! On their first date he stole a kiss from her, even though at the time she was still unsure about him. They started hanging out a lot and he eventually won her over. After dating for two years they moved in together. Since that time they started a family adding a boy and a girl.

We headed downtown to the mural district. We are so lucky to live in a place that values the arts and gives artists wonderful opportunities to use their talents on the empty walls of buildings. If you live in Fresno, take a drive downtown, park, and WALK around to see all the amazing art. You have to go into some alleys to see some hidden gems. I found new things during this session that were so cool!

A teal Branch and Vine Wedding | Madera, CA Close to the end of May, before the weather got too hot, Matthew and Gina finally said “I Do”. It was authentic and genuine and full of the best kind of emotion! Matthew’s face beamed as he watched his bride to be walking down the aisle […]

Beth and Matt are getting married in October at the beautiful Wolf Lakes venue. I am so excited for their wedding day. I know it is going to be not only beautiful but extremely memorable. I am so honored they trusted me to share this day with them in such a meaningful way!

The weather was PERFECT for this spring wedding. It had been raining a few days before and we even had some overcast days, but the day of the wedding the sun was shining as bright as the smiles on Chris and Briana’s faces!

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