March 2, 2020

Wedding DetailsPro-Tip Series

I have a great love for wedding details! It’s all about the details! You spent so much time selecting these very special details, they are just as important to have pictures of as your family and friends! When I arrive on your wedding day, the first thing I start with are all your details. It is during this time that I get warmed up for the rest of the day ! I photograph all the details in a way that shows off the style and color of your wedding day. In a way your details set the stage for the rest of your day!

Here’s a check list of all of my favorite details to photograph!

  • Rings (Engagement ring plus his and her wedding bands)
  • Shoes
  • Dress
  • Veil
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Invitations (two sets)
  • Bouquet
  • Old, borrowed, and blue

I love having ample time to stylize, and shoot everything from the dress to the jewelry. Brides spend hours scrolling through Pinterest looking for perfect detail inspiration and color ideas. Then they spend hours shopping for the perfect dress and shoes! We want our bride’s time and effort to be showcased in a way that shows off their amazing taste!

Over the last four years of shooting weddings, we’ve come to find that details really make your wedding stand out, and apart, from other weddings. The details you choose really show your personality and style as a bride.

It can be easy to overlook details so here are our pro-tips for ensuring you get those dreamy detail shots!

1. Gather everything in one place: Before your wedding day, gather all of your details in one place. This will allow me to start shooting quickly and saves a lot of time! Make sure you let a bridesmaid or someone else know where all your details are so if you’re busy with hair and makeup, they can show me where your details are without disturbing you.  

Pro Tip: Start gathering a few days before your wedding so when you suddenly remember a detail you need, you can put it in the bag!

2. Keep all the Rings together: This is really important! It’s a tradition to give the brides wedding band to the best man but this actually slows down our shooting process! We have to track down the best man to get your ring from him and a lot of times, they aren’t even at the venue yet. So to ensure we get photographs of your wedding band, keep all the rings together. After we shoot your details, we can pass them along to whoever they need to go to. 

Pro Tip: Clean the rings so they’re extra shiny! 

Wedding Details Wedding rings

3. Bring your Invitations: It may not seem like an important thing to document but let’s face it, you spent time and money getting those perfect paper goods. You spent time addressing them and stamping all of those envelopes. Your invitation is the first thing your guests see, and it showcases the style of your wedding day in the perfect way! Many of our brides choose invitations that compliment their theme, so what better detail to include on your wedding day? I love photographing rings on top of the invitations. Your special wedding date and venue name are documented as well. Bring all of your paper goods. This includes the invitation, RSVP card, envelopes (yes, even the envelopes!) and anything else you included with your invitations. 

Pro Tip: Bring two sets of your invitations! This gives me more to play with especially if your invitations have front and back designs! 

Wedding Details  invitations

4. Your Flowers: One of my favorite ways to incorporate color into your details is with your bouquet! I love to photograph the rings and earrings in the bouquet somehow. Have your florist deliver it to the location where you are getting ready so it can be included in your detail shots. Also, if your florist has any extra stems, have them bring them along with the bouquet delivery! I love adding loose floral stems to invitation flat lays and it adds color and dimension to your detail shots! 

Pro Tip: I photograph the brides bouquet more than any other florals so don’t be afraid to splurge a little on yourself! 

Wedding Details  rings with flowers

5. Be Creative!: Sometimes brides will buy certain items JUST for their details! I’ve had brides buy a certain perfume because they loved the style of the bottle, but not the smell! I’ve had brides buy gorgeous shoes for details and getting ready photos but then changed into more comfortable shoes. It’s totally ok to think outside the box and add extra things! Maybe you want to include a special family heirloom, a unique piece of jewelry, or your grandmother’s handkerchief.

Wedding Details  shoes
  1. Erica Camargo says:

    Thank you for the tips, now I know what’s important to photograph on THE day!

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